All-New Kindle 10th Generation Review in 2020 – 2019 model with Front Light
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In today’s video I’ll be looking at the All-new Kindle 10th Generation, which was released in 2019. While this is Amazon’s least expensive E-reader, it does bring quite a few new features that set it apart from the model it replaced. Now, just to give you some perspective on the different Kindle options available. Amazon currently has three different E-reader devices on sale. This All-new Kindle, which is the budget friendly option, the Kindle paperwhite which is in the middle of the pack and of course their premium option, the Kindle Oasis. Obviously the theme being, the more money you spend the more options and refinement you get. However, if you’re looking at this All-new Kindle you’re probably wondering: Is it even worth the money or is it just better to put in the extra money and get the Kindle Paperwhite instead. In this video, I’ll try and answer that question and also share my experience using and traveling with this device almost every day for the last 4 months. On the outside, the All-New Kindle looks like almost any E-reader that Amazon has produced so far. It has a relatively thick bezel on three sides of it’s 6 inch display with a larger strip on the bottom. The bezel does seem to be a bit thinner than on the Paperwhite. The display is also set slightly lower than the bezel so it isn’t flush like the paperwhite’s display. More about the screen in a second. There is only one button on the entire device and that is the power button on the bottom edge. There is also a micro usb charging port right next to it. The rear surface has a matte, mildly textured finish and is made of plastic. The Kindle is currently available in two colors- black and white. The texturing and its relatively thin profile make it easy enough to hold with one hand, even without a protective case installed. Your grip is also helped by the fact that it weighs a paltry 174 grams. That’s exactly 20grams lighter than an iPhone 11, which is remarkable for a device this size. I do however recommend using a case on this Kindle. While its tempting to just chuck it in your bag and go, there’s a good chance things in your bag like keys will end up scratch that E-ink display, which is the most important part of this E-reader. However, if you absolutely want to skip the case, I would recommend at least installing a screen protector on the device. I’ll leave links to cases and screen protectors I recommend, right below the video. The All-new Kindle isn’t waterproof, unlike the Paperwhite, so if you’re looking to do a lot of reading in or near a pool or bathtub or by the beach, it might make sense to invest in the Kindle Paperwhite instead.

All-New Kindle 10th Generation Review in 2020 – 2019 model with Built-in Front Light

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